1. General

1.1 Do you ship outside of the US?
Currently we only ship to the 50 United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. Also we ship to Puerto Rico and do not ship to APO or FPO addresses.
1.2 What is FrenchBox?
FrenchBox is a subscription box that you receive every month in your mailbox. It contains at least 5 French products: fashion, cosmetics, gourmet, accessories and other surprises! Therefore FrenchBox is the best way to discover or share the latest products from France.
1.3 What will I get in my FrenchBox?
First of all you will receive a minimum of 5 products: fashion, cosmetics, gourmet, accessories, etc.
The products in the box are usually either produced, distributed or designed in France.
Also they can be from a French brand, popular in France or part of French culture.

2. Order and Shipping

2.1 How can I change my subscription shipping address?
You can change your shipping address from your account dashboard:
1. Visit the “Subscriptions” tab on your dashboard
2. Click “View” next to your active subscription
3. Click the “Change address” button
4. Update your address and save.
2.2 Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time:
1. Visit the “Subscriptions” tab on your dashboard
2. Click “View” next to your active subscription
3. Click the “Cancel” button.
2.3 Can I put my subscription on hold for one box?
You can temporarily suspend your subscription if you do not wish to receive and pay our next box:
1. Visit the“Subscriptions” tab on your dashboard
2. Click “View” next to your active subscription
3. Click the “Suspend” button.
To reactivate your subscription, return on that same page and click “Reactivate”.
Please note that the availability of our next box is not guaranteed when you join or reactivate a subscription.
2.4 Can I buy a FrenchBox subscription as a gift?
We do not have a gift subscription product yet, with separate billing and shipping emails.
However, you can sign up for a FrenchBox subscription and simply provide different shipping information.
As a result please note that all emails will be sent to you and not the box recipient.
2.5 Help I haven't received my FrenchBox!
Please verify the following:
1. Do you have an active subscription with us ?
Go to the “Subscriptions” tab on your dashboard to see if you have an active subscription with us
2. Have we emailed you a shipping notification ?
We email subscribers a shipping notification on the day the boxes are shipped. This email notification contains the tracking number of your box.
3. Does your account dashboard show a recent tracking information ?
Visit the “Orders” Tab on your dashboard and click the last order number to see if you have any recent shipment tracking information.

If all else fails please contact customer service.

2.6 When will I receive my first FrenchBox?
Our box ships every month around 15th. Furthermore you can find the expected shipping date on this page.
Please note that we do not guarantee our shipping dates.
2.7 Will my subscription renew automatically?
Yes, unless you suspend or cancel your subscription

3. My Account

3.1 Help! I forgot my password!
Do not worry, you can reset your account password on on this page. Simply enter the email you used when you subscribed and we will email you instructions on how to change your password.
3.2 What methods of payment can I use ?
You may pay your subscription to FrenchBox by credit card: Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express.

4. Billing

4.1 When do you charge my card?
If you signed up to the subscription box, your payment for the next box will be automatically deducted about one week before we ship the box.